Here Are Some Of The Top Restaurants In Clemmons NC

Clemmons NC has some great restaurants waiting for you, and it is time to see what they are. Clemmons may be a small village, but there are 60 restaurants there. The first one we look at is going to give you a taste of Carolina BBQ, too. Are you ready to see what’s good to eat in Clemmons NC?

Little Richard’s BBQ is located at 6470 Stadium Drive, and it is the place to get brisket, peach cobbler and baby back ribs, among other things. How about some smoked wings? All of that sounds good, doesn’t it? You are going to experience delicious southern cooking at its finest, that’s for sure.

The next spot is 2520 Tavern, which is located at 2520 Lewisville Clemons Road. Order up steak, risotto, seafood, prime rib and more. How about sea bass and potato cakes instead? The 2520 Tavern is known as one of the best places to stop for a meal in Clemmons, so you know that you are in for a treat if you go.

The next place is called Time To Eat. So it’s time to eat at Time To Eat. What a unique name for a restaurant, and by the way, the desserts look fabulous. They make homemade ice cream there, too. Order up a chicken philly, burgers, salads and more. Reviews mention a Greek Salad with pita chips, and that sounds fabulous.

Do you like brick oven pizza? Brick Oven Pizzeria is the place, and it is located at 2650 Lewisville Clemmons Road. This place features and all you can eat buffet and a menu. There is a salad bar, too. Tuesday night is mentioned in the reviews as the best time to go. Do you like chicken wings? They have them, too!

Clemmons Kitchen is another top spot, and it is located at 3609 Clemmons Road. Reviews say that this establishment is a great family style restaurant. Guess what, breakfast is served up all day long. BLTs make the menu highlights, and there are all kinds of great foods served up there. Another menu favorite is the fried squash.

That’s five top restaurants to eat at in Clemmons NC. How does that sound to you? Are you going to start with the barbecue place? Perhaps it is the tavern or the pizzeria that has your attention first. It’s time for some food, and it is time to see what else there is to do in Clemmons, too.